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Two seat, high wing, single engine in tractor configuration.


The untwisted, cantilever main wing features a rectangular planform with rounded tips, 1° dihedral from fuselage centerline and classical NACA4416 wing section at full span. The empennage features flat horizontal and vertical tail surfaces.


Push-pull rods for ailerons and elevator, 3/32" steel cables for rudder control. The aircraft is trimmed by the electrically actuated stabilizer. The wing flaps are electrically actuated as well.


The wing structure features a classical twin aluminum spar; the spars, the molded wing ribs and flap/aileron components are made from sheets of Al 6082-T6 or 6061-T6. All aluminum parts are CNC produced (laser or router). LH and RH wings are mated to the fuselage through a center cabane and extruded aluminum lift struts.

All the wing, flaps and ailerons are covered by fabric, riveted to the ribs. The fuselage structure features a TIG welded chromium molybdenum steel truss with integral wing fittings, vertical stabilizer, plywood frames and fabric covering. All the steel tubes are internally protected by a MIL-SPEC anti-corrosion treatment that leaves a waxy protective layer over the surface.


Conventional tailwheel type; fixed main gear on steel struts with rubber shock absorber, hydraulic disc brakes and 6.00x6 wheels. The swiveling tail-wheel is connected to the rudder; it can be disconnected on the ground by removing a quick disconnect pin.

Tandem configuration with individual open cockpits (pilot in the rear seat); central stick controls, rudder pedals and throttles for both seats. Two luggage compartments, both with 44 lbs (20 kg.) capacity, one in the front and one in the rear.

The 14 VDC electrical system is powered by one engine driven alternator/generator and provides power for the flaps, trim, fuel pump and radio rack. The fuel is kept in two internally fitted aluminum tanks (one in each wing root), total capacity 31.6 US gallons (120 liters).


The airframe can be equipped with different engines; at this time we provide the firewall forward kit for the ROTEC R2800 (rated power 110 HP) and R3600 (rated power 150 HP) 7- and 9-cylinder radial engines. The engine drives a 2 blade wooden propeller.



The BiCamp, like the other two aircraft in the Sport Camper series, will be Sport Pilot-eligible, and offered as an Experimental Amateur-built kit.  Sport Camper aircraft are also designed according to the JAR-VLA Rule, a well established European aviation standard.



At this time the BiCamp is still under development, and we do not plan to have it available before 2018.



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