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The Clouds Lift and a New Day Dawns for LoCamp Aircraft!

We have a saying here in Wisconsin about our unpredictable climate, “If you don’t like the weather, give it a little time; it will change.”  And so it is with the course of Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC, our company formed back in 2007 to act as the US distributor for the Sport Camp series of kit aircraft developed by Aerolab of Milan, Italy.

It was only back in May that we issued a press release stating that we would no longer be serving as an Aerolab distributor, but now we are excited to announce that we have acquired all rights to the Sport Camp design and will continue to market this unique product, including the LoCamp aircraft kit already in production.

With this new business posture some things will not change, but others will.  Our operations base will remain Tri-County Regional Airport (KLNR), Lone Rock, Wisconsin.  The parts warehouse will remain at its present location near Richland Center, Wisconsin.  All business and sales activities will still go through Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC, formerly doing business as Aerolab USA, with the same phone number.  You can also reach us through the email address shown on the header of our website home page, or through the Contact menu tab.

The biggest changes we plan to implement are those which most concern prospective builders and operators of our kit aircraft: price and utility.  Over the coming months we plan to announce an increase in gross take-off weight, which will improve available useful load, and reductions in kit prices.  We are also considering selling component sub-kits separately, such as fuselage/gear, wings and firewall-forward.

Additional engine options will be investigated as well.  While we all love the Rotec R2800 radial engine, which is truly perfectly matched to the LoCamp airframe, we recognize that some builders will be looking for a lower-priced alternative which will still look great on a LoCamp airframe. We intend to be available to help with technical support and perhaps a second firewall-forward kit for an alternative engine option. 

Meanwhile, a small number of LoCamp kits are available for purchase now, and we intend to move them out of the warehouse and into builders’ shops.  The first to go will be sold at below-production-cost prices to stimulate demand and to raise capital to help fund our renewal program. This scenario will not last long.  If you have been one of those who have been seriously considering a LoCamp kit but have been deterred by the price of admission, call or email today, and let’s talk.

Ed Leineweber, Managing Member

Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC

(608) 604-6515


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